Demoscene activity

Demoscene activity since 1999.


Ranked 7 in the PC Demo competition during the LTP 2000 demoparty, Paris, France

Released at the LTP 2000, using the brand new engine developped by Tu0. After a year of work, the group had planned to release its borntro using the toon rendering technique. As the project went too ambitious for a first release, the “Caillou” demo came instead. The visuals and musics were done at the party place in 48h. The 3D was done with the help of Benoit Onillon as a guest artist.

A few months later, following a suggestion by Laurent, one of the members of the group, I loaded the 3D models of this demo into one of the first versions of Lightwave 3D that was capable of rendering global illumination images with reasonnable computing times (since then, GI rendering was painfully slow). The result was completely unexpected and initiated my graphic research on low-polygonal 3D writing.

Download: Win32 Version


Couloir 14

Ranked 2nd in the PC Demo competition during the VIP 2001 Demoparty, St Priest, France

Dowbload: Win32 Version


Red Line

Ranked 2nd in the PC Demo competition during the Equinoxe 2003 demoparty, Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, Paris, France

Download: Win32 Version


Within the Mesh (of Eryx)

Ranked 3rd in the PC Demo category during the Evoke 2013 demoparty, Cologne, Allemagne.

François Gutherz : programming, design
Jean-Marie Lamarche : modeling, textures
Mathieu Moncharmont : music
Emmanuel Julien : C++ 3D engine

Download: Win32 Version

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