MS-DOS Games

During summer ’94 and ’95 I worked for Silmarils and Microïds, two video game companies in the Paris area. The video game market was at the time essentially developed for the PC under MS-Dos, the publishers preparing to begin the difficult shift of 3D and the arrival of new game consoles. I was able to witness from the inside how these two editors have tackled this rather radical change in jobs for both developers and graphic designers.

Ishar III

Ishar III, one of the flagship titles of the company Silmarils was initially distributed in floppy disk format. During the summer of 1994 I had the chance to take charge of the whole cinematic sequence of introduction of the game which was to be published in its augmented version on CD-Rom.

Tools: 3DStudio 4, Deluxe Paint.


Fort Boyard – The Challenge

During the summer of 1995, I was able to join the project of the adaptation of “Fort Boyard” to the PC MS-Dos platform. The Microïds team had just implemented a new 2D framework in C/ASM with which I worked on the implementation of several mini-games of this adaptation.

Tools: Watcom C Compiler, Brief editor.

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