Male, born on 19/09/1974, living in France.
astrofra [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Primary Skills :

Lighting / Rendering

Secondary Skills :

3DSMax & Lightwave, modeling & rendering
Basic Renderman RSL and Mental Ray C++ Shader development
Game Scripting (Squirrel/Unity C#)
C++ to create small applications
Photography (film & digital)
Speaking french, english

Press / Awards :

CGtalk Choice Award – Demoreel 2004
123D Master Image Award –
Various 3D stills
CG Reader Project for CGNetworks :
Lighting Technique
Featuring 2 pages of artwork in
“3D Toons” by Steve & Raf Anzovin / Ilex Press ltd

Education :

1994-1999 : graduated from Fine Arts School
1992-1994 : graduated from Computer Science University of Paris V

4 thoughts on “Profile”

  1. Is there any chance you could please send me more detailed information on how you created your ‘Mental Ray Rusty Metal’ or even the material itself?

    Would be really gratefully.

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hey.
      Thx for your interest πŸ™‚
      I’ll have to digg in my HDD archive. I’ll be glad to share the material, as soon as I can find it πŸ™‚

  2. Fascinated to see you resurrect our old friend EmuCamp. Good times. So much we did for the emulation community and yet so much we left on the table, too! But I digress. I’m just glad to see someone wants it back and is willing to put serious time into it. I’ll have to keep an eye on the new site an drop in from time to time to make sure you’re being a good steward of our legacy.

    Drop me a line sometime if you want to hear any stories from the early days.

    – Jonathan Griffith (formerly known as EmuCamp’s lilac)

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