Desert House real time


From pre-rendered CG to realtime 3D

I’ve always wanted to rework on an old scene of mine, that I started AGES ago in Lightwave. I add the opportunity to rework this scene a first time, and make some renders of it with Mental Ray (see here).

Now I decided to recreate this scene, by targeting it for a next gen realtime engine.


I had almost everything re-modeled in Modo, as the former mesh was way too crappy. Thanks to the Amazing Modo’s UV unwrapper, I found later that I was able to texture all this stuff in no time !

bh_0 bh_3 bh_1

Texture painting

The whole scene was painted in Modo. Sometimes I just had to reopen the texture in Photoshop, tweak the colors, then load it back into Modo … Photosourcing is really an amazing technique. Here, in realtime, I usually try to avoid maps larger than 2k.

Funnily enough, while painting, I’m sort of “faked” the result of an Ambiant Occlusion baking. I guess this is simply because I reproduced what dirt makes when it accumulates in the less accessibles corners of a volume

h_nad_4 ha_3 reservoir

Realtime integration

bla bla bla bla

Using post process to fake a “Lomo” photography look.

What’s Lomo ?

How I achieved this.

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