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Astlan on Steam/Greenlight!

Please help me to push ‘Astlan’ into the selection process of Steam/Greenlight. It needs every upvote, favorite or comment from you. The more votes there are, the more a game is likely to be considered for the Steam games catalog!

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Astlan on Greenlight.

I bet it’ll take a million of votes in order to go thru the selection process, but hey … let’s try!

Mediécross (final release)

The Contest

This game was made for a one month contest held by the website The topic of this contest was to create a game inspired by a so-called “fake game cartridge” of the Japanese Famicase collection.

Our game takes place in a world made of clay, similar to what is shown on the cartridge below :

The graphic style is all in 3D, trying to mimic the clay atmosphere, the lighting, and the color scheme of the original cartridge, as much as possible.

The Game

The game design itself is loosely based on the original arcade game ‘Metrocross’ by Namco. The player must run in a corridor, avoid the obstacles (barrels, slowering tiles…), jump on the bumpers, get some items for extra-time, reach the end of the corridor.


Video Capture (720p)

Win32 Binary of the game

Download the Win32 Binary here.


3D art        : Francois Gutherz
Animation     : Ryan Hagen
Engine & code : Emmanuel Julien

The Flyin’ Island

Recently, I became sort of addicted to the competitions organized on
Those are short contest (1 month), on various topics, aiming to create a game.

Some games are made with GameMaker, some in Java, some in Flash/AS, some with custom C++ engine, etc.

My contest entry depicts a ship’s cockpit, and more precisely, the Bridge Deck. The view is entirely in realtime 3D, including the cockpit.

All the visual assets in the game were modeled in a more or less accurate way, technically speaking, to focus on the immersion & visual appeal. Zelda Wind Waker was my main inspiration source.

I wrote my game with a friend’s engine, that covers all what it takes to create indie games. The engine was written in C++, but my game is enterely scripted.

The final delivery almost looks like a “game”, with interactivity, and stuff to do.

Now for a short sequence of credits : I did the visuals & scripting, Maf ( gave me some Amiga mods I could use, and Mazami Tanzi ( did the (short) Japanese translation.

TO PLAY THE GAME, read below

  • Download & unzip
  • install OpenAL
  • install VC Redist 2008
  • Click on Start.bat

I included all you need in the archive.

Right click here to download the game.

Choose your language with the left & right keys, select with [CTRL] or [SPACE].
Press spacebar on the title screen to launch the game.
In game controls : <- and -> to control the aim, CTRL to shoot boulders.
Destroy the ships on your route, bit hitting them with the boulders.
If you don’t destroy any of them, they will hold you back and you will never reach the island.
Use the compass to find the direction of the Island.

VipeUt Bootleg Demake Finished (well, almost)

I finally put the [Finished] stamp on this thing I had started for the “Bootlet Demake” TIGSource contest, on

It’s all but finished, anyway, I mainly wanted to emulate the very original rendering of a Vectrex, and make a small and playable game. I think I more or less succeeded, so let’s settle on something else.

Credits :
Code / Graphics : Astrofra
Music : Rez (
Engine : nEngine (pre-GameStart3D)

To download that thing, click on the link below :

Tech Notes:
It should run on a PC, WinXP or Vista, with a rather recent 3D card. Vista users : make sure the UAC is disabled, the engine won’t like it.

During the install, u’ll be prompted to deploy OpenAL. Please install it, unless you already have it, otherwise, the game won’t probably start.

The installer creates two shortcuts on the desktop, one using the full featured renderer (OpenGL 2.0), the other one using a more consusual rendering method, not as pretty but fairly ok.

Controls : use the arrow keys. Up = accelerate, Left & Right to strafe, Down = brake. The paddle is not handled.

The ship have a certain amount of energy, that decreases when colliding against enemies. Then it blows up.
Catch some bonus, that will drive the ship for you (autopilot), or increase your energy (power up). Just drive till the end, for 6 laps, and you’re done

Press ESC to quit the game.