Astlan, sunday late update.

Both Saturday and Sunday were profitable days. I managed to stick on AstroLander and work a dozen of details, such as :

  • Normalize the audio tracks
  • Improve the touch/click reactivity of the main GUI
  • Write a few common function to create UI buttons and ultimately refactor the existing UI code
  • Implement a “Pause Menu” when in-game. Works perfectly and stops the game completely (display, stopwatch, physics, particles and whatnot)
  • Fix an inconsistent design in the score calculations
  • Renamed a dozen of scene files and their respective classes

Not bad, for a Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

Ideas for my next project

While it is too early to expose here the idea I have regarding my next game project, I can say it will involve robots…animated robots.

The challenge here will be to animate the robots using a procedural technique as I want them to be able to place their hands randomly.

For this purpose I will probably use two things :

1. This robot I modeled years ago (here in a shameless photoshopping)


2. The physic engine of GameStart, and especially joints, to assemble a sort of ragdoll, so that I shall only need to animate the hands if I want to move the arms ๐Ÿ™‚

Stay tuned.
I need to finish and release Astlan first, anyway!