Maya2LW Pipeline | Part 2

Here’s a quick snapshot of the texturing work in progress.

The eyes are still missing, here is how it turns out so far :

While trying to export a Maya scene to Lightwave with “MAYA2LW[2]” I experienced some issues with animated nurbs surfaces. So I decided to send an email to Lernie Ang, one of the authors (it’s an open-source solution) of MAYA2LW.
The answer was very interesting, here it is :

Maya2LW2 was developed during a project that also used NURBS surfaces. this wasnt ideal at that time because i only introduced the idea of Maya2LW2-Poly-Only-Please to the modeler guy. it should have been done in poly. however, it DID work; i have had no problems with NURBS-to-Polygon conversion (with history, of course) at all. if it starts fine and then goes screwy after a few frames, i'm thinking of two things: 1.) OBJ *after* conversion must be reexported to make sure point order is correct, and 2.) ascertain that the poly mesh node was selected and not any other. this may or may not solve the problem. the reason why Maya2LW2 is a bit difficult to use regarding exportation is that it is hard (for me) to make assumptions about the complexity of a given scene. maya scenes can be super complex. if i had made assumptions about which mesh node to export it may not work 100 percent of the time. sometimes transforms share two or more shape nodes (e.g. two mesh nodes), which can be a bummer since Maya2LW2 will have to *figure* out which of them is really intended for export.

Lernie kindly sent me a link of another MAYA to LW solution :

All this sounds like music to my hears, ‘got to test asap !!!!

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