Giorgio de Chirico, Fumito Ueda et al.

This is about inspiration, the way that imaginary worlds can circulate from one artist to another. Mostly this is speculation and unprobable bonds between nonrelated elements.

Imagine that Fumito Ueda, being young, played again & again on his 8bits Master System, that during this period he was exposed to this kind of visuals. Sharp shadows and strange perspective of desolated streets …

Alien Storm / Sega / Master System (1991) Alien Storm
Sega Enterprise
Master System

Imagine that studying in art he experienced an emotional shock seeing this art, odd perspective, empty streets …

Left to right : ‘Mystery and Melancholy of a Street’, ‘Nostalgia of the Infinite’ and ‘Montparnasse Station’ by Giorgio de Chirico (1888-1978)

Eventually, the same Fumito Ueda, helped by highly-skilled teammates, designed and developped the following video game :


This is what inspiration is all about …

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